In my current position at Woodbury University in Los Angeles, I teach courses such as Film History I and II, Media History, World Cinema, Introduction to Film Studies, Gender Studies, Media & the Environment, Screen Comedy, and the Senior Seminar. In fall 2021, I taught a new course on Media Authorship focusing on the careers of Alfred Hitchcock and Ida Lupino. I am also the Chair of the Media Studies program.

Previously, I taught for ten years in the Film Studies Program at the University of Colorado Boulder, where my courses included Film History I and II, Documentary Film, Film Noir, Melodrama, Women and Film, British Cinema, Cinema and Landscape, Cinema and the Historical Avant-Garde, Film Theory, and advanced seminars in Media Historiography and Color in Film.

Before that, I taught as a Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Riverside for two years. I have also taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of Southern California, UCLA, and CalArts.

  • Teaching and research interests:
    • Cinema and media history
    • Environmental cinema and media
    • Silent cinema, classical Hollywood cinema, nonfiction film, experimental film
    • Race, gender, and coloniality in media
    • Critical theory
    • Environmental humanities
    • Archival studies